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World Market Leader in Biosimulation in CNS Drug Discovery & Development (Markets&Markets Nov2012)

World Market Leader in Biosimulation in CNS Drug Discovery & Development (Markets&Markets Nov2012)

Mulhouse (France) and Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA)


Rhenovia Pharma SAS is an R&D biotechnology firm dedicated to global healthcare in the field of central and peripheral nervous system (C&PNS). Rhenovia develops innovative solutions for an improved quality of life of patients, their families and caregivers to:

- PROTECT against neurotoxic agents as risk factors for diseases like Alzheimer

- PREVENT occurrence of diseases by nutrition - health and wellness

- TREAT diseases by

o   optimizing the Drug Discovery and Development via its RHEDDOS™ service-partnership offerings to reduce costs, attrition rate and time-to-market

o   elaborating individualized drug and active compound delivery with its revolutionary rate controlled transdermal delivery device RHEPATCH™

o   developing high performance analytical methods for the identification of drug efficacy biomarkers and side effects alerts


Rhenovia's differentiator: its unique Modeling & Simulation platforms RHENOMS™ HIPP and RHENOMS™ STRI integrating the complexity of neuronal biological systems and multifactorial nature of C&PNS pathologies.

Rhenovia's strengths: interactive partnerships and strategic alliances with

  • companies of sectors as varied as pharma and biotech, generic drug, drug delivery, patch manufacturers, agro-food and nutrition, chemicals, cosmetics
  • governmental agencies, foundations and associations
  •  academic research institutions and universities


RHENOVIA, a one stop shop biotech company

performing studies, providing services, establishing alliances based

a. on our unique biosimulators and computer assisted biological mechanistic approaches

b. on internal expertizes in drug discovery, pharmacology, chemistry and medicinal chemistry, as well as information technologies and biophysics

c. on services complemented, strengthened and supported by approriate and most useful experimental approaches via our own dedicated industrial, CRO and academic partners.

Latest News:

- August 2014: Presentation of the partnership offer to the pharma and biotech industry (see below complimentary presentation Rhenovia R&D Study Provider  pdf )

- September 2014: 2nd phase of Fund Raising for investors has been launched, all investor candidatures will be examined.

- May 2015: Optivia Biotechnology Inc. (USA) and Rhenovia (France and USA) sign partnership for joint products and services offering (see news)

Rhenovia R&D study provider.pdf


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